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Our next door neighbour Haryana makes up for lack of natural beauty and tourist destinations by man made innovations and picnic spots around lakes, some of them again man made. Most of the places described below are picnic destinations though you can stay overnite if you so desire.


If you have just one day and still want to enjoy to enjoy the feel of the highway on your outing, head for this small  hamlet with a lake to boot.

 How to reach 

Distance  60 km from Peera Garhi Chowk

The place is best suited for residents of west and North Delhi as you don't have to cross the city traffic to get here. Reach Peera Garhi crossing and take the Rohtak Road. You will cross the Delhi border in about 20 km. You can have a look at the Azad Hind Gram at Tikri, which is a memorial to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose with promise of developing into another Delhi Haat. Go straight after crossing Bahadurgarh and you will have to take a left turn down the road about 10 km, better to ask some locals as there is no landmark at the turning. The highway is a two way with some speed breakers (nasty ones)  too near villages but the surface is all right. The dhabas dotting the road give you a 'out of city feel' and serve the usual stuff. Just after crossing Bahadurgarh you can stop at the Parle biscuit factory and have a look at their assembly line for biscuits, the smell of fresh biscuits is really great.

What to do

The place has spacious lawns with lots of trees where one can picnic around, have lunch play games or just lie down and relax. There are some swings for the children along with some joy rides. There is also maze made of tall hedges and  is fun to go around and reach the center. Along with this there is a large lake where one can feed the ducks, just stroll around the periphery of the lake or go for a boat ride. There is an island at the center of the lake which can be reached by the boat. The lake attracts a lot of birds including some migratory birds which can be seen on the trees around the lake and at the island. One can also enjoy a mini zoo which has some birds and animals to see. For those who will not like to carry their own food there is a Haryana Tourism restaurant and bar along with a hotel if you want to stay overnite

Resort near Taliyar - Stay at Fun Town, Asauda, 20 k from Taliyar Lake



Damdama has come up in a big way in the last few years with a lot of help from the state government.

How to reach

Distance 45 km from Dhaula Kuan

From Dhaula Kuan take the Jaipur highway to reach  Gurgaon and take a left turn at  Rajiv Gandhi Chowk crossing for the Sohna road. About 10 km before Sohna look for a small left turn to reach Damdama. You can

Blog on Picnic at Damdama


 stop at the sprawling Haldiram complex for some snacks if you like by the highway near Gurgaon.

What to do

Nestled among the Aravalis the place presents a picturesque view with

 the surrounding low lying hills. There is a small lake where one can go for boating in paddle boats or one driven by a boatman. Some

 water sports facilities are also available. There are two or three different lawns for various activities. One can also enjoy camel rides near the lake. 

  Picnic and stay at Damdama




How to reach

Distance 270 km 

Altitude :1200 m

Takes approximately 5 hours of driving time by road. Take NH 1 till Ambala and turn right for Panchkula at Ambala. On reaching Panchkula take the highway going to Nahan NH 73 for about 4 km and then take the hill road to Morni by turning left. It is 32 km of hill drive taking about one hour. The road is patchy in between but still tolerable. There is possibility of road blockage especially during Monsoons.

The only hill station of Haryana and a hit with Chandigarh wallas for picnics and overnight stay all the year around, the place is ideal for us Delhites too for a quiet holiday. The place is still unexplored and very picturesque and green with a mixture of hill and plain vegetation in mountainous surroundings. There are two tals about 9 km from Morni, Tikkar Tal, which can be reached by car or foot and present a very nice

 setting for a day picnic.


What to do

A very nice place to completely relax and detoxify your mind and body in a pollution free environment. One can also trek to the Tikkar tal and surrounding areas. Boating facilities are also available at the tals.

Where to stay



How to reach 

Distance 15km from South Delhi, on Mehrauli-Badarpur road.

What to do

Built around a perennial lake surrounded by rock cut steps the place is named after a Tomar sun worshipper  Raja Surajpal who constructed a sun temple and sun pool here in 1000 AD. The remains of the temple can still be seen around the place. Basking in the glory of sun sitting on these rock steps  around the pool takes you back in history by many years. Boating facility is available at the lake. Horse and camel rides are very popular with the children. Spacious greens make it a nice picnic spot. A hotel and restaurant with bar is on hand.

 Come February and the place is transformed into a rendezvous for artisans from all there country exhibiting hand made stuff  with all their  proficiency on display. There are also a lot of performers right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to entertain the crowds who throng the place in thousands. One can also taste all the Indian delicacies at one place.


How to reach 

Distance  40km from Dhaula Kuan

Take the NH8 to Gurgaon and take the right turn at R. Gandhi Chowk crossing to enter the city. Immediately after  this road there is a fork - take the left road. Carry on straight till you see a Green Mosque on your right, take the left here. After 200 m there is again a fork with a temple in the middle - take the right road until you come to the crossroads. Here again go straight and this road finally leads to Sultanpur.

 What to do

Once the favourite hangout of legendry ornithologist Salim Ali, this wetland is a stopover for many migratory birds in winter. The ponds had dried up till sometime back when water was pumped artificially to

 bring this place back to life. One can do some serious bird watching here as there are lot of birds like egrets, storks, bar headed geese et

c. which can be seen here. The non-birdies can have a  stroll around in these peaceful environs.  For bird lists see www.delhibird.org  . Some wild animals like neel gai etc can also be seen. Rooms and restaurant is available. Camping facilities are also there.